March 19, 2002   6:00pm 

Dear Parishioners & Faithful,
Glory to Jesus Christ!

   Please bear with me. We are in a very fluid situation in regards to the Coronavirus threat. Yet another directive has been received from His Eminence, Metropolitan Gregory. It's a good news, bad news situation. The good news is that there has been a partial reversal of yesterday's directives calling upon all parishes to cease holding all Services. We are now permitted to celebrate the Divine Services, including Divine Liturgies, in our Holy Churches behind closed doors, as is the case with the Monasteries. In this way, we may be able to keep our liturgical tradition alive, even in this minimal way, but also that we may broadcast through streaming and other means, the aforementioned services for the spiritual benefit of our Faithful.
   And now the bad news. The Services will be celebrated, but they will not be open to the public. As we move forward, until further notice, all Divine Services will be offered as scheduled by the priest and any other necessary few individuals in our Church. This means only the priest, a cantor, a reader, and 2 (healthy) altar boys can be present in the church. Altar boys who wish to serve must contact Father Michael well before the beginning of the Service. The Faithful are still instructed to stay home and watch services that are being broadcast from the Cathedral in Johnstown or from some other source. By practicing this social distancing, we are protecting each other. If you don't have internet service, be faithful to your rule of prayer at your icon corner. Join us by praying at the time of the Divine Liturgy.
   All other cancellations and policies remain in effect. Please note the following new cancellations: the Easter Egg Hunt; the visit of the Weeping Icon at Saint Nicholas Church in Monongahela, PA; and the ACRY Lenten Retreat in Homestead, PA -- all these have been cancelled.
   The Diocesan services can be viewed by going to The full text of the Metropolitan's letter is attached, if you are interested in more details.
   As always, please feel free to call the rectory if there is an emergency, or if someone is dying. Candle requests can be submitted by email or text. The Weekly Bulletin will be available outside the doors of the church.
   Each Divine Liturgy is offered "in behalf of all, and for all." Please be assured of a prayerful remembrances at these Services, which will be held behind closed doors. Continue your Lenten efforts!

With love in Christ,
Father Michael


March 18, 2002   10:30pm

Dear Parishioners & Friends,
Glory to Jesus Christ!

   Below please find the latest directives from His Eminence, Metropolitan Gregory in regards to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. All parishes of the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese are to follow the instructions of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, which were issued earlier today.
   To sum up: Please pay special attention to Point 4. ALL Divine Services, events, and rites are to cease for the time being, except that the Churches are to remain open at normal times in order for parishioners to enter and offer their private prayers and maybe light a candle or vigil lamp. If the Priest and/or Parish leadership sees that the number of people is above the local limit, whatever it might be, the people should enter in smaller numbers.
   This means that the remainder of this week's scheduled services are cancelled, including the Sunday Divine Liturgy. The Church will be open for private prayers on Saturday evening and Sunday morning.
   Thank you for your kind attention and cooperation in this matter. Pray that this pestilence soon passes! You can still have a good Lent by increased personal prayer; reading the Holy Scriptures, Spiritual Books, and the Lives of the Saints; and by fasting and giving alms. Spend some quality time with the Lord at your home. May our fasting from the Divine Eucharist increase our hunger and desire for this Heavenly Food. May this dire situation teach us not to take the Services and the Sacraments of the Church for granted!

With love in Christ,
Father Michael